Parthenon Therapeutics is a biotechnology company deploying our knowledge of complex biology and advanced technologies to deliver therapies with curative potential to patients faster.

Executing on our mission requires an interdisciplinary approach and collaboration.

Cancer Is Still Beating Us — A New Approach Is Needed.

Far too many cancers remain incurable and highly aggressive
with an Overall Survival <50% at 5 years.

Despite enormous leaps in biomedical research far too many cancers remain incurable (Overall Survival < 50% @ 5 years).  There is an unmet need for transformative treatment advances.

This requires understanding cancer as a complex disease and matching treatment to patient tumor biology.

Understanding the cellular ecosystem of diseases and the complex interactions of these varied cell types is critical in creating effective treatments.

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A New Approach

We have assembled a truly cross-disciplinary team of world-class disease experts, clinicians, experienced drug hunters, mathematicians and engineers.

Our Drug Discovery Engine operates at the intersection of complex disease biology and explainable AI to deliver precision therapeutics matched to the right patient population.  Our Platform increases translational success of novel targets and co-targets to achieve new levels of efficiency in drug discovery cycle times.

Unlike conventional approaches we have the capacity to screen and address multiple targets simultaneously contextualized by patient molecular profiles. 

The result − a Pipeline of precision therapeutics with curative potential for patients.

Our Pipeline

Our pipeline addresses complex diseases and novel targets coupled to the “right” patient populations.

Target ID

Target Validation

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Lead ID

Lead Opt

BRAF-mutated Tumors
Small Cell Lung Cancer

Stay tuned for Pipeline updates.

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News & Events

June 4-5, 2020

Phenotypic Drug Discovery: Leveraging Computational Tools

A big Thank You to the New York Academy of Science conference organizers!

New York Academy of Science presents Christian Meyer Ph.D.

March 5, 2020

New executive leadership is focused on ensuring this invite-only event remains one of the premier networking and content-rich conference series in the life sciences ecosystem.

February 24-26, 2020

Parthenon Therapeutics Presents New Data at the 3rd Annual AI-ML: Drug Discovery Summit, San Diego

Parthenon Therapeutics co-founders, Laurent Audoly and Vito Quaranta, to present company approach to reprogramming cells to beat recalcitrant cancers to fellow scientists. Santa Clara Convention Center , Silicon Valley. Two talks: “Matching patients to the right combination therapies” and “Unbiased selection of novel therapeutic intervention points to cure recalcitrant diseases”.

February 24, 2020

Parthenon Therapeutics announces the addition of Avner Schlessinger, PhD

Parthenon Therapeutics welcomes Avner Schlessinger, Associate professor Pharmacological Sciences at the Tisch Cancer Institute, Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai in New York City to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Link to Avner Schlessinger bio

February 23, 2020

Many outstanding inroads on all fronts, and our website goes live!

A big Thank You to all who helped provide feedback, asked insightful questions about the site design and layout, and put in the hours to make it happen!

October 10, 2019

We are happy to welcome Doug Lauffenburger to our Scientific Advisory Board!

Parthenon Therapeutics is happy to announce the addition of Doug Lauffenburger, MIT Professor of Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Biology to our Scientific Advisory Board.

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