Parthenon Therapeutics is a Precision Oncology biotech reprogramming the tumor microenvironment to beat recalcitrant cancers.

Our Founders and Scientific Advisory Board members are leading experts in the discovery and development of monoclonal antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.

Cancer Is Still Beating Us — A New Approach Is Needed.

Far too many cancers remain incurable and highly aggressive
with an Overall Survival <50% at 5 years.

Despite enormous leaps in biomedical research far too many cancers remain incurable (Overall Survival < 50% @ 5 years).  There is an unmet need for transformative treatment advances.

This requires understanding cancer as a complex disease and matching treatment to patient tumor biology.

Understanding the cellular ecosystem of diseases and the complex interactions of these varied cell types is critical in creating effective treatments.

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A New Approach

We have assembled a truly cross-disciplinary Team of world-class disease experts, clinicians, experienced drug hunters, mathematicians and engineers.

Our Pipeline and Drug Discovery Engine leverage an unprecedented approach for striking at Immune-excluded Tumors often Found in Recalcitrant Cancers.

The result − a Pipeline of precision therapeutics with curative potential for patients.