About Parthenon

Our Approach

We have assembled a truly cross-disciplinary team of world-class disease experts, clinicians, experienced drug hunters, mathematicians and engineers.

Our Drug Discovery Engine operates at the intersection of complex disease biology and explainable AI to deliver precision
therapeutics matched to the right patient population.

Our platform increases translational success of novel targets and co-targets to achieve new levels of efficiency in drug discovery cycle times, and bring medicines with curative potential to patients faster.

Our Team

Patient Advocacy Lead

Founder & Technology Lead

Chief Business Officer

Founder & CEO

Academic Founder

Scientific Advisory Board

Doug Lauffenburger, PhD

Professor of Bio-Chemical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joseph Paul Eder, MD

Professor of Medicine
(Medical Oncology)

Yale School of Medicine

Scott Hiebert

Scott Hiebert, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry and Medicine,
Hortense B. Ingram Chair of
Cancer Research

Vanderbilt University

Avner Schlessinger

Avner Schlessinger, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Pharmacological Sciences

Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology)

Michael Cecchini, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
(Medical Oncology)

Yale School of Medicine

Axel Parmentier, PhD

Axel Parmentier, PhD

Associate Professor
Machine Learning

Ecole de Ponts | Paris