We are seeking self-motivated individuals who desire to have a direct impact on the science within our early stage, fast-paced, and dynamic biotech. The candidates will have extensive hands-on experience in developing and performing molecular and cellular tumor biology assays and an abiding interest in drug discovery. The associate scientists in these positions are expected to establish state-of-the-art biochemical and cellular assays and ex vivo and in vivo models to validate therapeutic targets, demonstrate efficacy of lead compounds, and perform detailed mechanism of action studies internally and with external partners. They will have the opportunity to design and execute non-routine experiments with a high level of autonomy and minimal supervision, with the potential for advancement into project leadership roles.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Design and execute in vitro experiments with human and mouse cells to characterize therapeutic candidates in drug interaction, antibody binding and functional assays.
  • Apply cutting-edge methods to uncover novel insights into target biology at the cancer cell/stromal cell interface and characterize mechanisms of immune exclusion.
  • Relevant assays include but not restricted to: processing of human and mouse blood and primary cell fractionation and culture, multicolor flow cytometry, cytokine measurements, cellular cytotoxicity assays, ADCC, CDC. Routine use of Incucyte, xCELLigence, Agilent Seahorse, and/or Isoplexis. Troubleshoot where necessary.
  • Lead in vivo pharmacology efforts to determine efficacy, pharmacodynamic effects, and pharmacokinetics of drug candidates internally and in collaboration with CROs and external stakeholders.
  • Analyze and present data in professional 'publication ready' format. Accurately record and document results in a timely fashion.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and manage multiple experiments simultaneously.
  • Demonstrate clear and professional verbal and written communication.

Job Qualifications

  • For Associate scientist role: M.S. degree in life sciences (immunology, oncology, cell biology, or a related discipline) with 3 years of experience or B.S./B.A. with 6 years of experience is required. For Sr. Associate Scientist role: MS degree in life sciences with 6 years of experience or a B.S./B.A. with 9 years of experience is required.
  • We are looking for multiple roles with experience in cutting-edge technologies, including:
  • Isolation and differentiation of immune cell types and cancer-associated fibroblasts, as well as their expansion.
  • Experience in molecular- and cell-based methodologies (e.g., qPCR, si/shRNA/CRISPR, Western blotting, ELISA, MSD, flow cytometry, SPR), transient and stable transfection of mammalian cell lines, organoid/3D cultures and live cell imaging.
  • Experience in developing and executing cell signaling and cell based functional assays to validate drug-target interactions utilizing a variety of technical approaches. Working knowledge in functional characterization of immune cells using proliferation, cytotoxicity, cytokine release, and killing assays are highly desirable.
  • Experience with human and mouse tumor models in oncology and immune-oncology, and methods to characterize antitumor responses.
  • Experienced with authoring and revising test methods, protocols, and technical reports, generating and maintaining experimental data in an electronic laboratory notebook in a highly organized manner
  • Interfacing effectively and positively with all levels of colleagues as well as engage external CROs.

Contact talent@parthenontx.com to apply.

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