Open Door Patient Adocacy

At Parthenon, Patient Centricity is a Driving Force.

We collaborate with patient foundations to bring medicines with curative potential to patients faster.

Parthenon matches the right drugs with the right patients.

Accelerated And Optimized Treatment Predictions

Benefit from our unique AI- & ML-based capabilities to identify novel targets and co-targets to address treatment resistance in patients with recalcitrant cancers. Together, we can transform the enterprise of drug combinations toward dose reduction, improved efficacy, or both. Let us leverage our deep knowledge of human biology and explainable AI to help you match the right treatment to the right patient.

Patient Advocacy lead

Amanda Linkous headshot

Amanda Linkous, PhD

Dr. Amanda Linkous previously served as the Director of the Starr Foundation Cerebral Organoid Translational Core at Weill Cornell Medicine (New York, NY). She has extensive expertise in Precision Medicine-based screening platforms including patient-derived 3D organoid models of recalcitrant cancers such as glioblastoma, small cell lung cancer, and metastatic melanoma. Amanda’s patient-centric efforts have facilitated partnerships with numerous academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and non-profit organizations.

“My focus has always been the patient.  Cancer is complicated, but helping patients and their families shouldn’t be.

At Parthenon, we decode the complexity of cancer to enhance treatment options and improve patient outcomes.”