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PARTHENON THERAPEUTICS is discovering and developing novel anti-cancer medicines that are designed to reprogram the tumor microenvironment. Many cancers create immune exclusion barriers that prevent the immune system from attacking tumors. The Parthenon approach to overcoming these barriers is to modulate the interplay among cancer cells, stromal cells, and immune cells.

Our lead program, PRTH-101, is a first-in-class humanized monoclonal antibody that blocks the interaction of Discoidin Domain Receptor 1 (DDR1) with collagen, thereby "punching holes" in the extracellular matrix barrier created by the tumor. With the extracellular matrix barrier breached, immune cells are able to infiltrate and attack the tumor. PRTH-101 is poised to enter Phase 1 clinical trials.

PRTH-101 is followed by a pipeline of preclinical projects targeting orthogonal components of the tumor microenvironment that promote immune exclusion.

Parthenon combines its drug discovery and development efforts with a precision oncology approach to get the right medicines to the right patients. We use proprietary AI technology to digitally deconstruct the TME and develop unique insights to enable biomarker-driven patient selection strategies designed to guide clinical applications.

Parthenon is led by an experienced leadership team with extensive drug development experience and is backed by world-class investors.

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Position Summary
We are seeking an exceptional and highly motivated Principal Scientist to help build the Biotherapeutics Drug Discovery group. The successful applicant will be responsible for leading therapeutic antibody discovery and optimization campaigns – including developing the strategy for generating panels of novel antibodies, overseeing the execution of the strategy through CRO partners, and optimizing lead antibodies for development candidate selection.

Role & Responsibilities:
  • Manage CROs and help build CRO network to enable future pipeline expansion and next-gen capabilities
  • Collaborate with project teams to lead hit-to-lead efforts to identify antibodies for Development Candidate nomination for therapeutic drug development and clinical trials
  • Lead antibody discovery campaigns across multiple pipeline programs
  • Lead antibody engineering, humanization, affinity maturation, optimization
  • Oversee CROs to produce recombinant antibodies for in vitro screening and scale-up for in vivo studies, manage in-house inventory, help build LIMS
  • Collaborate with Protein Sciences colleagues to develop and implement analytical methods to support Biophysical assessment, including affinity measurements, and Developability characterization
  • Develop screening funnels and assays to support hit-to-lead identification
  • Help build structural modeling capabilities for rational design optimization
  • Contribute to various aspects of IND enabling activities including DMPK, QSP modeling, immunogenicity, cell line development & CMC

Job Qualifications
    • Degree in Biochemistry, Molecular/Cellular Biology, or a related field + indicated years of industry experience:
      • Ph.D. + 3-5 yrs – or
      • M.S. + 10-12 yrs – or
      • B.S. + 12-14 yr

    • Required:
    • Expert in antibody discovery platforms: in vivo immunization: hybridoma, B cell cloning, and in vitro display: phage/yeast display
    • Advanced knowledge of antibody engineering: humanization, affinity maturation, sequence analysis & optimization
    • Direct experience with development of therapeutic antibodies
    • CRO management experience
    • Experience with in silico tools for developability screening, antibody engineering, LIMS
    • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills for participating across functional groups and externally
    • Demonstrated commitment to quality, attention to detail, and team player mentality
    • Demonstrated ability to think critically and creatively as part of a fast-paced research team
    • A strong publication record in top-tier, peer-reviewed journals in the areas of immuno-oncology, inflammation, autoimmunity, and/or drug discovery

    • Preferred:
    • Experience developing & implementing high-throughput screening assays including, reporter cell lines, HTRF, AlphaLISA, ELISA, cell-based binding FACS
    • Knowledge of structural modeling to enable rational design & lead optimization
    • Knowledge of techniques and instrumentation related to protein analytics (LC/MS, peptide mapping, PTM characterization, HPLC, DSC, DLS, biophysical assays, etc.)
    • Familiarity with immunogenicity prediction and QSP modeling
    • Understanding of cell line development and CMC activities

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